Assess Insurance Needs at Different Life Stages

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Proper planning is necessary to fulfill every need in life such as marriage, travel for holidays, child’s education etc. There is a completely different need in each stage of life. Term insurance is steady as well as stable way for people to plan requirements of this life stage. There are some essential factors which one must consider when it comes to purchasing insurance online. No other financial instrument gives security. Therefore, think about protection first while buying online term insurance. At the time of buying insurance, ask yourself a simple question, why do you require life insurance.

The answer is very simple, in case person has so many dependents who seek financial help need term insurance. Majority of customers realize the requirement of buying insurance policy for long term savings and security. What they think is how much term insurance and what type of policies need to be purchased at what life stages. Purchasing term insurance is a carefully planned activity which should consider existing financial circumstances, health at each life stage, future liabilities, family’ future and living standards. The insurance amount which an individual requires based on customer’s age, future financial commitments, life stages, liabilities and current income.

Also, it is based on the number of financial dependents buyer has. All these points help in calculating the insurance amount that will help the dependents to maintain their current standard of living and not compromise on significant life goals when breadwinner is not around. It successfully builds a financial corpus for a wide range of needs in different life stages. Keep adding term insurance policies to portfolio based on insured’s changing requirements. For instance, people without expensive financial liabilities may just purchase term coverage. His family responsibilities also increase as his life progresses. He should begin concentrating on long-term security and savings.

Policyholder can cater to future financial requirements just by purchasing the correct combination of insurance amount and the extent of coverage. There are various terms plans are available in the Indian insurance market and designed to fulfill changing financial requirements and responsibilities. Apart from giving death benefits to the policyholder’s financial dependents, it also works as investment plans and long-term savings. The insured gets into a habit of systematic savings as life insurance is long term plan. Every personal finance portfolio should include a mix of money back, long term pension plans and endowment policies.

You can add extra insurance coverage in the form of riders to the policies and it will definitely improve the scope of the cover. Riders are necessarily niche risk covers only in case there is an accidental death or a critical illness in contracted. The incidence of these risks is very low. But, when it strikes, it can leave person in a situation much worse than death. The basic understanding is that buying such riders is a complete waste of money as it viewed as amount spent will never be used. So, people should know that without sufficient coverage, there’s a probability that they may experience financial disaster.

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Assess Insurance Needs at Different Life Stages

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This article was published on 2014/04/07